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The WISC™-IV Digit Span workbook helps families understand the content on this Working Memory subtest of the WISC™-IV, as well as provides ample practice questions that will help children feel confidently prepared for the exam. The workbook also provides:

  • Details about the subtest, such as how it is administered and scored.
  • 50 practice questions that are structured and presented in a way that is similar to the WISC™-IV Digit Span subtest.
  • Challenging levels of difficulty that are appropriate for children up to 16 years of age.
  • Suggested activities to help children build the skills necessary to be successful at this particular subtest.
  • 40 monster stickers to encourage persistence and promote learning through play.
  • 11 pages

NOTE: The Picture Completion practice workbooks consists of only a Parent Book.

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